Books & DVDs

I wrote my first cookbook, The Now and Zen Epicure, way back before the internet and when people thought a vegan was related to a Vulcan. It was one of the first books to put a gourmet spin on plant-based foods. I was heavily influenced by Julia Child, so the cover features a Pate en Croute (a pate baked in pastry). It’s no longer in print, but a revised edition came out a decade later – The New Now and Zen Epicure. I don’t think the pate made it into this edition!

Artisan Vegan Cheese – Called “the holy grail of the culinary world,” this groundbreaking book will put creamy, rich, melty, luscious cheese back into your life!





The New Now and Zen Epicure – A revised edition of the 1990 classic, this book features recipes influenced by Italian, French, and California cuisine, and includes everything from breakfast to dessert.





Japanese Cooking: Contemporary and Traditional – Go beyond sushi, and delve into the simple, clean flavors of Japan without the fish broth. I borrow from my Japanese roots here, and offer up everything from classic dishes to what I call “nouveau Japanese cuisine.”