Say “Cheese,” Please


Who would have thought when I first published Artisan Vegan Life that I would be starting an artisan vegan cheese company? Well, some of you may have, but that was the last thought on my mind. But that’s exactly what happened.


I know that the picture is a bit blurry, but we were certainly clearheaded as we hung the banner in front of our soon-to-be vegan cheese shop. The retail store in Fairfax, California won’t be open for some months, but here’s the good news now: production is in full swing, and online sales HAVE JUST STARTED!!!

What am I talking about? I mean Double Cream Chive, French Style Winter Truffle, Aged English Smoked Farmhouse, and more (in fact, six more styles of cheese!). And it can all be yours by wandering over to our website.


I know I haven’t been very communicative, but I’ve been super busy stirring that cheese pot. Soon, they will grace the shelves of stores across the country…but until then, I’ve got to keep that pot going!

Fresh Loire Valley in a Fig Leaf, available at


  1. Congratulations, Miyoko! They all look so yummy. It’s hard to choose! I forwarded your blog post on to my vegan friends who’ve been complaining about the lack of decent vegan cheese. They’re thrilled to have something tasty that they don’t have to make themselves. One of my omnivorous (almost carnivorous) friends is even intrigued and considering purchasing some to see what it’s like. Can’t wait to try them myself!

  2. Melissa Maedgen says:

    Quick question: Are the cheeses gluten-free? I know many vegan cheeses use rejuvelac made from wheat, although it can be made with other grains. I’m very interested in trying your cheeses, but as I have celiac disease, I have to follow an absolutely strict g.f. diet.

    • Do you mean the cheeses in my book or the ones we are selling at Either way, they are gluten free. Rejuvelac can be made with any grain, but my understanding is that even when made with wheat berries, it is gluten free because the gluten is consumed by bacteria during fermentation. The cheeses we sell don’t use rejuvelac; we use other cultures.

  3. Miyoko, how long will the cheeses last? I was going to order one but noticed that you must order a minimum of three. That’s a lot of cheese for one person to eat! 🙂

  4. Congratulations Miyoko!

    The cheese and website looks great! Wish we could get them down under! (Australia) but at least I have your great book!

    Love all your cheeses! I have a bagel with your sundried tomato cream cheese for breakfast quite regularly!

    Can’t wait for the artisan cheese sequel and your kitchen staples book! (any updates on either?)

    Hope you can come to Australia one day and give us a talk/demo!

    • I’d love to visit Australia and give a talk! But something else — something cheesy perhaps — might be getting to Australia before I do! Still under wraps, but keep your fingers crossed!

      • Emanuele Venditti says:

        Oh my, that would be just AWESOME!!! Australia is in HUGE need for good tasting, good quality vegan cheese and I’m 100% sure yours is the best!! And it’ll be great to have you visit Australia too!

  5. Congratulations on starting the company, and everything else!

    When you got to exporting your cheeses to Europe, let us/me know! 😀 I would be thrilled to sell them in my store. 🙂


  6. otherdimension says:

    Hi Miyoko!

    I see the ingredients (in your new cheese line) are a bit different from the artisan vegan cheese recipes. Namely there is no rejuvelac? but koji spores (I see).

    Will you be sharing this secret in your new book?

    • Other Dimension, these recipes are ones I have been developing for years that use proprietary cultures that are not easily created or obtained in a home kitchen. Rejuvelac is great for home use, but not for mass production! Koji spores are just part of the miso we use.

  7. Hey Miyoko,
    Any chance I may find your cheeses in Canada, Toronto? Tried to google but no success…Thank you

  8. Janice stuhlmacher says:

    Confused. utube video mozzarella uses cashi yogurt and oil. cookbook recipe totally different and then another made with just soy yogurt no cashews and no oil. which one is the best for authentic flavor?

    • Janice, I have three different recipes for mozzarella! The Youtube video is for a meltable one. The one on the blog is better suited for a Caprese salad, although it’s great in a Panini as well.