Still Time Yet for the UnBird

So…perhaps you’re not quite ready to attack making the UnTurkey.  Or maybe you’re not into all that seitan and would prefer roasted veggies instead? But how do you make veggies into an appealing – even amusing – centerpiece guaranteed to please vegans and meat-eaters alike? Meet the UnBird. Roasted veggies are enrobed in a herb cashew cream sauce, then rolled up in filo dough with wings and tail feathers to boot. It’s a fun presentation, and ever so easy to put together. Even if you’ve never worked with filo, or dread the amount of fat between the layers, this video will take the fear out of filo.
Filmed as a segment of Vegan Mashup, it’s been rendered just in time as a podcast. So take it for a spin, and dress up your holiday table with the UnBird. Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. I’ve heard SO many amazing things about this and really want to try this.